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Jesus and the Children


Once, Francis of Assisi was unusually busy with an important task. As he prepared to settle into his work, he gave strict orders that if anyone came to see him, they were to be sent away since he must not be disturbed for any reason. He was about to get to work when he turned back and said, “But if a child comes…” When Jesus was on earth, the disciples thought He was too important and His time too valuable to be spent on children. Jesus firmly disagreed. Study Mark 10:13-16 to see what God thinks about children and to be challenged in the way you think about them.



Before and as you study His Word, ask the Lord to open your heart to Him and to give you understanding and humility to obey.

Read Focus Verses

Read Mark 10:13-16 and notice what the theme of these verses is.

Keyword - Child

Did you notice that the whole passage seems to be talking about children?

Child, Children


Mark the words children and child in Mark 10:13-16.

Keywords - Jesus Christ

Just like in the rest of the Gospel of Mark, Jesus Christ continues to be the main Character - the center of everything (it's His biography after all).

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Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

Mark the Name of Jesus and references to Him in Mark 10:13-16.

Brought to Jesus

Who did they bring to Jesus in verse 13?


Why did they bring the children to Jesus?


What did the disciples do?

Jesus' Response

What was Jesus' response when He saw what the disciples were doing?

Jesus' Instruction

What did Jesus say to them in verse 14?

The Kingdom of God

What does Jesus say about entering the kingdom of God in verses 14-15?


What warning does Jesus give to people who refuse to receive the kingdom of God like a little child?

Jesus and the Children

What does verse 16 say about Jesus and the children?


In the next few verses - Mark 10:17-27 - we see another illustration that Jesus uses to teach us about entering the kingdom of God.


What do the next verses teach us about how we can't enter the kingdom of God?

Entering the Kingdom

Putting the two together, what do we learn about how to enter the kingdom of God?


Bringing the Children

Matthew 19:13 tells us a little more about why these people brought the little children to Jesus.

Why Bring Them?

What did these people want Jesus to do for the little children?

Kept Away

Why do you think the disciples might have tried to keep the little children away from Jesus?

Not Important Enough

Do you ever feel like little children are a distraction, irritation, or waste of time?


Take a closer look at the word that describes Jesus' reaction to the disciples trying to send the children away.

Strong's G23

Greek,aganakteo [ag-an-ak-teh'-o]


Origin: from agan (much) and achthos (grief, akin to the base of (43))


  1. to be indignant, moved with indignation, be very displeased

Very Displeased

How did Jesus feel about His disciples trying to keep the little children away from Him?

Jesus' Thoughts

What are some of the things we know Jesus thought about children based on this interaction?

Taking Children to Jesus

Today you can't take the children in your life to see Jesus in person. How would you bring children to Jesus today?

Keeping Them Away

What are some ways you can think of that people keep children away from Jesus whether purposefully or accidentally?


How does this passage teach us to think differently about those things?

Saved Children

Based on the passage, can children be saved?

Worth Telling

How could you use this passage to answer someone who asked if it was worth the time and effort to teach little children about Jesus?

Little Ones Praising God

All the way back in Psalm 8:1-2 God said He would allow children to glorify Him.


1 Corinthians 1:26-31 tells us why.

Who Gets the Glory

Why does God choose to use what is weak and looked down on?

The Gospel

We see how simple the gospel is in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.


Jesus Himself tells us how to respond to the gospel and make it ours in Mark 1:15.

The Gospel

At its simplest, what is the gospel?

Making It Yours

How do you make the forgiveness and salvation of the gospel your own?

A Child's Perspective

When you think about it that way, does it make sense that a child can understand at a simple level that Jesus died, was buried, and rose again for them and respond in simple repentance and belief?

My Little Children

In 1 John 2:1-2 and through that precious book, the apostle John address Christians warmly as little children.

God's Children

Notice what 1 John 3:1-3 says.

God's Love

How would you describe the kind of love that would cause God to make Christians His children?


In Matthew 18:4 Jesus points out one of the traits of a little child that children of God should mimic.

Imitating Others

Ephesians 5:1 points out another.

Hungering for God's Word

We see another way Christians should be like little children in 1 Peter 2:2.

Traits of Children

What are some of the traits of little children that Christians should imitate?

How to Please God

In 3 John 1:4 we learn how to please God as His children.

Making God Glad

How do God's children please Him and bring Him joy?

Once More

Read Mark 10:13-16 through once more in light of what you've studied.


What do these verses teach us about children?


What do these verses teach us about how adults should think about and act toward children?


Thoughts on Children

Does the way you think about children need to change to be like Jesus? How will that change the way you speak about/to and act around children?

Bringing Children to Jesus

What is one way that you can tell a child in your life about Jesus this week?

Faith Like a Child

Have you humbled yourself and accepted a gospel simple enough for a child to understand by repenting of your sin and believing in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? If not, won't you do that today?

Obedience Like a Child

If you are one of God's children, what is one of the ways God tells His people to imitate children that you need to work on? What will that look like specifically in your life today?



We hope this study plan has helped you understand what God thinks about children and has challenged you to love children, bring them to Jesus, and imitate their humble faith.


Please take a brief moment to provide us some feedback on this lesson. We're always striving to improve, and, with your help, we will.

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