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Who Do You Believe Jesus Is?


Two men had paused on the road towards the nearest city. The sun was slipping behind its western curtain. Their conversation was hushed and obviously confidential, but the wind carried their words right to my window as I was stitching that last pair of shoes before closing my shop for the night. Both were obviously strong and unafraid of a good day’s work or travel. I heard the taller one first. There was something strangely wonderful about his voice – something that held my attention so that I couldn’t help overhearing them. “Who are people saying that I am?” His companion named famous leaders and teachers. There was a pause and the taller man asked another question – this time lower and softer than the other. “But who do you say that I am?” “You are the Prince, the heir of the kingdom.” There was no hesitation in the answer. With a sudden sense of awe and wonder I looked up and saw the Prince put his hand on the shoulder of his companion. “You will be blessed for your faith. I appoint you a personal attendant and ambassador of myself. “But for now, it is important that you don’t tell anyone about this. They must find out for themselves until I return to my Father. Then the day will come when you will tell the whole world who I am.” Hurrying outside, I offered the travelers a place to stay to learn for myself whether he really was the prince we’d been waiting for. Could it be that he had really come? In Mark 8:27-30 we see the Son of God walking with His disciples and asking them the same questions. Study the passage to learn why these questions and your answer to them are so important.



Before you begin studying, ask the Lord to give you understanding and interest in His Word today. Ask Him to teach and challenge you and give you a believing, obedient heart.

Read Focus Verses

Read Mark 8:27-30 and notice the two questions Jesus asks in these verses.

Question #1

What is the first question Jesus asks in today's passage?

Question #2

What is the second question Jesus asks in today's passage?

Along the Way

Where were Jesus and His disciples during this discussion according to verse 27?

Response #1

What are some of the things people were saying Jesus was?


Who answered Jesus' second question?

Response #2

How did Peter answer Jesus' second question?


What instruction did Jesus give His disciples in verse 30.

Keywords - Jesus Christ

Jesus is obviously the main character of this passage. He's the one leading the way, leading the discussion, and being talked about. Marking the references to Him in these verses will help this stand out visually.

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Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

Mark the Names of and references to Jesus in Mark 8:27-30.


Caesarea Philippi

Jesus and His disciples are walking near Caesarea Philippi as they have this discussion. You can see Caesarea Philippi on the map. Notice that it is north of the Sea of Galilee which is where most of the cities mentioned so far in Mark have been.

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What Do They Say?

First, Jesus asked His disciples what other people were saying he was. Who do people today say Jesus is?

Thinking Highly

Based on what the people the disciples had heard were saying about Jesus, many thought very highly of Him. For anyone else to be equated with John the Baptist or Elijah would be a great honor. But Jesus is much greater, and these people missed who He really is. How do some of the opinions people have about Jesus today seem to honor Him and call Him important but actually dishonor Him because they miss who He really is?

The Most Important Question

After the disciples had answered His first question, Jesus asked them an even more important question. He's asking you today. Who do you believe Jesus is?

Parallel Passage

Matthew 16:13-17 gives us a little more detail about Peter's answer.

Peter's Answer

Who did Peter believe Jesus was?

The Right Answer?

Did Peter give the right answer? How do you know from the passage?

Jesus' Reaction

Who teaches this answer to anyone who can say it with faith according to Matthew 16:17?

The Christ

As you read 1 John 4:2 notice what it says about this kind of confession.

The Son of God

A few verses later in 1 John 4:15 we see what it says about those who confess the second part of what Peter said - that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.


What does 1 John teach us about people today who truly confess by faith that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God?

Confess Him

Consider what Romans 10:9-13 says about this.

You Will Be Saved

What does God promise to do for those who confess (agree with Him about) who Jesus really is?


Take a look at the title Christ which Peter uses in his answer about who Jesus is.

Strong's G5547

Greek,Christos [khris-tos']


Origin: from (5548)


Christ = 'anointed'
  1. Christ was the Messiah, the Son of God
  2. anointed

Significance of the Title

When Peter declares that he believes that Jesus is the Christ, he is saying a lot. That title carries a lot of significance. The definition of the title Christ in Easton's Bible Dictionary helps us understand some of the things that title means.

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Prophesies Fulfilled

In Acts 26:22-23 Paul testifies that Jesus fulfilled the prophesies God had made about the coming Christ.

Title and Name

Often the title Christ is attached to Jesus' Name in the Bible as we see in Philippians 2:9-11.

Jesus Christ

Even in the opening verse of the Gospel of Mark, Mark 1:1, we see this pairing of Name and Title.

Messiah, Savior, Promised One

What are we saying when we call Him Jesus Christ?

Don't Tell…Yet

In today's passage, Jesus Christ tells His disciples not to talk about His title Christ. We see Him telling a few of them something similar in Mark 9:9 with a specific timeframe attached to the instruction.


When did Jesus say Peter, James, and John could tell others about what they saw on the mount of transfiguration in Mark 9:9?

Go and Tell

The command not to tell people He was the Messiah was also only for a short time. We know this because of what Jesus says in Mark 16:15.


In Acts 1:8 Jesus is even clearer. As you read the verse, think about what role a witness has in a trial.

What Does It Mean?

Thinking about witnesses in a trial, what does it mean that Christians are witnesses of Jesus Christ?

Further Confirmation

The fact that Jesus' command at the end of today's passage was only for a little while is further confirmed by the way the disciples powerfully proclaimed that Jesus was the Christ in their sermons in Acts. Notice this in Peter's first sermon in Acts 2:36.

Jesus Is Christ

We see this many times. Another instance is Paul's work described in Acts 17:1-3.


How could you use these verses to demonstrate that Jesus' command not to tell that He was the Christ doesn't apply after His resurrection?

What Christ Did

Romans 5:6-8 tells us what Christ has done for us.

The Only Way

Acts 4:8-12 tells us why this is so important.

Why So Important?

Why is it so important to believe that Jesus is Christ the Savior according to Acts 4:12?

Once More

Read Mark 8:27-30 carefully once more.

Questions and Answers

What is so powerful about the two questions in this passage and the answer a person gives to them?


Confess Him

Do you believe that Jesus is Christ - as God describes that in the Bible? Are you willing to say so? Have you?

Tell Others

Now that Jesus Christ has died for our sins and risen again in power, He tells those who believe on Him to be witnesses who tell everyone about Him. Who will you tell about Him this month? How?


Take a minute to praise the Lord Jesus for being Christ, the promised Savior of the world, with all that means.



We hope that this study plan has helped you answer Jesus' question in faith and has challenged you to ask others the question because it is so important.


Please take a brief moment to provide us some feedback on this lesson. We're always striving to improve, and, with your help, we will.

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