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Can You See?


As Kristen watched the father and son in the seat in front of her, she grew increasingly concerned. It was obvious the son was at least in his mid-twenties, and his behavior surprised and disturbed her. Her thoughts were interrupted again by another of his comments: “Dad, look! The trees are going behind us!” She saw the same delighted smile on the father’s face that had greeted each of the strange remarks. “Dad, look! The clouds are running with us!” Kristen couldn’t resist any longer. Tapping the father on the back she asked, “Why don’t you take your son to a good doctor?” With a smile, he replied, “I did. We’re just coming from the hospital. My son was blind from birth – he just got his eyes today.” In Mark 8:22-26 we read about Jesus healing a blind man. Study the passage to learn about this miracle and how to gain spiritual understanding.



God wants you to understand His Word and get to know Him through it. Ask Him to meet with you and give you understanding and wisdom as you study His Word.

Read Focus Verses

Read Mark 8:22-26 and try to notice what is different about this account of Jesus' healing when compared to the others we've looked at in Mark.

Spot the Difference

Did you notice what's different about this healing compared to the others we're told about in Mark? (If not, or if this is your first study, don't worry - we'll take a closer look at this later.)

Keywords - Jesus Christ

Marking Jesus' Name through today's passage helps us see Him as the main character.

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Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

Mark the Names of Jesus Christ and references to Him in Mark 8:22-26.


What city is Jesus in for the first part of today's passage?


What physical need did the man in verses 23-26 have?

Getting There

How did the blind man get to Jesus according to verse 22?

Led by Jesus

How did he get to the place out of town where Jesus healed him according to verse 23?


What did Jesus ask him in verse 23?


What was the man's answer?


What did Jesus do next?


According to verse 25, what was the result?

First Instruction

What was the first instruction Jesus gave the man in verse 25?

Second Instruction

What was the second instruction Jesus gave him according to verse 26?



You can see Bethsaida at the north end of the Sea of Galilee on this map.

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Gathering Them to Jesus

We see this again in Mark 6:55-56.

Bring People to Jesus Today

Jesus didn't just help those who came to Him independently, but He helped many who were brought to Him by others. What can we learn from that, which will impact our lives today?

Unusual Occurrence

So far in the Gospel of Mark, Jesus has always healed completely and immediately. This pattern starts in Mark 1:31.

The Leper

We see it again with the leper in Mark 1:42.

The Paralytic

The paralytic was also healed this way as we see in Mark 2:11-12.

The Little Girl

Even when Jesus raised the little girl from the dead in Mark 5:41-42 there was no healing process - just immediate life.

Most Recently

Most recently, when Jesus healed the deaf and dumb man in Mark 7:34-35, there was immediate healing.

Pay Attention

Whenever there is a strong pattern like this and then God does something different, we should pay special attention so we can notice what He's trying to teach us. What is different about the healing in today's passage when compared to the other healings we've seen?

Are You Healed?

How did Jesus' question about what the man could see test his faith?

Looking for Answers

Sometimes we don't remember to look for God's answers to our requests. How does Jesus urging the man to look up and evaluate what he could see help us think about how we should respond after we've asked the Lord for something in prayer?

Learning About Jesus

What do we learn about Jesus when we see the way that He finished healing this man?


Isaiah 42:7 prophesies that the Christ would heal the blind.

I've Healed the Blind

In Matthew 11:2-6 John the Baptist asks Jesus if He is the promised Christ. Jesus answers by pointing to the works He'd done, including healing the blind, that fulfill prophecies about the Christ.

Healing the Blind

How does Jesus' miracle of healing the blind man help prove that He is the Christ that God promised in the Old Testament?

Spiritually Blind

The Bible talks a lot about our spiritual sight. He uses the analogy of our physical eyes to help us grasp the concept of understanding spiritual things. Consider how 2 Corinthians 4:3-6 uses the analogy of blindness to describe the minds of unbelievers vs. Christians.

Help to See

2 Peter 1:5-9 lists some of the things that help Christians see clearly.

Sight Enhancers

What are some of the things that help Christians spiritually see and understand things the way God sees and understands them according to 2 Peter 1?


We see how to receive spiritual sight in Psalm 119:18.


How are we instructed to get spiritual sight and understanding according to Psalm 119:18?


If you see that God has given you some spiritual understanding, but it's like your vision is still blurry in some things, how can the story of Jesus healing the blind man the way He did in today's story encourage you to keep praying knowing that He is testing your faith?

Asking for Wisdom

James 1:5-8 gives us a promise and a warning as we ask for wisdom and understanding.


What does James 1:5 promise?


What does James 1:6-8 warn those who are asking God for His wisdom?

Once More

Read Mark 8:22-26 once more.

Seeing Jesus

What are some of the things you learn about the Lord Jesus in these verses?

Living the Truth

How should knowing these things about the Lord Jesus impact your daily life?


Bringing Someone to Jesus

Who do you know that you could try to bring to Jesus by telling them about Him this week? How are you going to start?

Asking for Sight

Is there something about God and His Word or the way He has told us to live that doesn't make sense to you? Will you ask Him to help you "see" and understand it? Which of the things on the list in 2 Peter 1 do you need to work on to improve your spiritual sight?



We hope this Bible study has helped you understand Jesus' miracle and has challenged you to bring others to Christ and seek spiritual understanding.


Please take a brief moment to provide us some feedback on this lesson. We're always striving to improve, and, with your help, we will.

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