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Jesus in Private


A lady traveling the seas noticed that her ship's captain seemed flustered. She asked him what was wrong. "The rudder is broken." "Oh, I wouldn't worry about that - being underwater all the time, no one will notice it." Obviously, that lady didn't understand the importance of a rudder which steers the whole ship, but her comment reveals how many think of their character which guides their whole life: "I wouldn't worry about that, no one will notice it." In Mark 1:29-39 we get a glimpse into Jesus' life when He's away from the crowd. Like a little girl once said, we see that "Jesus was the only one who ever dared to live His inside out." Jesus was the same in public and in private - He was genuine. Study the passage to learn more about Christ's character as you see Him in private.



Have you ever met a pleased parent? Who do they want to talk about? Their child. Imagine how much God must want you to know about Jesus Christ who always pleased Him! Ask God to teach you about the Lord Jesus through His Word and to make you more like Him.

Read Focus Verses

Read Mark 1:29-39 and notice what settings we get to see Jesus in today.


To understand today's passage in context, read Mark 1:9-45.

Keywords - Jesus Christ

Marking the words referring to Jesus will help you see Him as the main character of these verses.

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Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

Mark the words naming or referring to Jesus in Mark 1:29-39.


The first verse of today's passage tells us that this story follows right after the previous story. What has just happened (you read it in the context)?


Where did Jesus go in verse 29?

Who Was There

Who else was with Him?

Who Are They

Based on the verses around this verse, what is special about the four men named in verse 29?

Something's Wrong

What was wrong at Simon Peter's house?

Jesus Finds Out

How did Jesus find out about the problem?

What Did He Do

What did Jesus do when He learned Simon's mother-in-law was sick?

Her Response

What did the mother-in-law do when she was healed?

The Sun Set

What happened as the sun was setting?

Jesus Responds

How did Jesus respond to the crowd?


Based on the size of the crowd and what verse 35 tells us, how much sleep did Jesus get that night?

In the Morning

What did Jesus do so early in the morning?


Even this early in their time together, who served as the leader for the disciples according to verse 36?

When They Found Him

When the disciples found Jesus, what did they say?

Jesus Said…

What did Jesus say when He heard everyone in town was looking for Him?


What is Jesus' explanation for His plan in verse 38?


What does Jesus do in verse 39?


What are some things you learn about Jesus as you initially read and study this passage even before comparing it with other Scriptures?


Hosting Jesus

Have you ever thought about what it must have been like to have Jesus in your home or wished you could have had him stay the night at your house? Mark 9:41 tells us that while Christ is no longer physically on earth, we can still serve Him.

Done to Christ

Consider what Jesus tells us in Matthew 25:31-40 that He will someday say to those who have faithfully served His people.


How can you serve Jesus today even though you can't welcome Him physically into your home as Peter did according to these passages?

Serving Jesus

This short story reminds us of how practical these truths are.


Luke 4:38-39 tells us how seriously ill Simon Peter's mother-in-law was.


Psalm 103:3-5 reminds us who it is that can heal diseases.


When we look at those verses from the Old Testament and see the way Jesus healed people with authority, what do we learn about His identity?

One or Many

What do we learn about the Lord's character when we see Him healing one lady and a whole crowd of people both in one evening in today's story?


It is interesting to note that Paul mentions that Peter was married again in 1 Corinthians 9:5.

A Married Man

Do you picture Peter as a married man? How does that impact how we think about Peter and his life?

Tell Him

In today's passage when they told Jesus about Peter's mother-in-law, He healed her. While God answers many prayers we don't even know to pray, He often tells us to bring our troubles to Him and tell Him about our needs. Notice what Psalm 107:19 says about this.

He Knows

In Matthew 6:5-15 the Lord Jesus teaches us about prayer and reminds us to pray in a way that is mindful that God already knows what we need.

Make Them Known

Still, Philippians 4:6-7 tells us to tell God about our troubles and needs.

It Will Glorify Me

God explains why in Psalm 50:15.

Many Will Praise Him

2 Corinthians 1:11 helps us understand how God is glorified by answering our prayers.

Why Tell Him?

If God already knows everything - including all about our needs and troubles - what are some of the reasons He tells us that He wants us to tell Him about them?


Why is it important that the fever was healed immediately?

Servant's Heart

As soon as she was healed, Peter's mother-in-law started serving. What does this tell us about her character?


The Lord Jesus tells us what He thinks of those who willingly serve in Matthew 20:26-28.

Jesus' Thoughts

What does Jesus think of those who willingly serve?

A Long Day

If you look at Mark 1:21-31, you'll see that this is all part of the same day.

How Many?

How many people does Mark record that Jesus healed that day before the sun set?

Parallel Account

Read the parallel account of what happened as the sun set that night in Luke 4:40-41.

The Crowd

Verse 33 of today's passage indicates the size of this crowd was enormous. Take a minute and think about what it would have been like from different perspectives - Peter's wife, a lame man coming to be healed, John the disciple.


Have you ever noticed the word 'many' in verse 34? What does that together with verse 48 tell us about Jesus' main mission while He was on earth? (Hint: healing was only part of that greater mission)


Consider what John 1:3 says about the Lord Jesus.


Considering that He created everything, why did the demons know Jesus?


Why didn't Jesus want the demons declaring who He was if they knew Him? (Hint: one of the reasons is very similar to why you probably wouldn't want an evil person telling everyone about you even if they got the facts right.)

How Important?

Look at verse 35 of today's passage again and consider, how important was prayer to Jesus? How can you support that from Mark 1:35? (Hint: what time was it?)

A Solitary Place

You already read Matthew 6:5-13 where Jesus teaches us about prayer. Read Matthew 6:6 again and notice how Jesus followed this principle of private prayer in today's passage.


Jesus didn't have a closet He could pray in at Peter's house. Where did He find to pray alone?

Another Time…

Today's passage isn't the only account of Jesus setting aside extra time to pray. Read what He did after He fed the 5,000 people in Mark 6:45-48.

On a Mountain

Luke 6:12 tells us of a time He prayed all night.


Perhaps the most famous time Jesus prayed was in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before His crucifixion. Read about it in Mark 14:32-39.

With Tears

We read that Jesus often prayed in Hebrews 5:7-8.

Jesus' Prayer Life

What are some of the things these verses teach us about Jesus' prayer life?

How Could Jesus Pray?

Perhaps you've wondered, If Jesus was God, how could He pray? This post provides some answers.

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Like Him

Throughout the New Testament we see that Christians are supposed to live like Jesus. 1 John 2:6 is very clear about this.


In Luke 18:1-8 Jesus answers our question, "How should we pray?"

In Everything

Philippians 4:6-7 tells us more about when and how to pray.

With Thanksgiving

Colossians 4:2 reinforces this.


James 5:16-18 encourages Christians that prayer, if offered from an obedient heart fervently, is effective.


How should Christians pray? How often? In what way?


What encouragements are given in these verses to motivate God's people to pray?


What was Jesus' life purpose according to verse 38 in today's passage?


Jesus says this again in John 18:37.


This had been prophesied in Isaiah 61:1-3.


If we look at Jesus' commission to Christians in Mark 16:15, we see that each Christian's life mission is nearly the same as Jesus' was while He was on earth.

Like Jesus

In what ways is a Christian's life mission like Jesus' life mission?


Many people change negatively when they achieve a level of fame. What does Jesus' focus on His mission despite His growing fame teach us about Him?

Once More

Read Mark 1:29-39 once more, and consider what Jesus was like when He was away from the crowds.

Jesus in Private

What was Jesus like when He was in private and away from the crowds?


In Private

What are you like when there isn't a crowd around? Is there something about your private life that needs to change so that you will be consistent both in public and private like Jesus?

A Servant's Heart

Peter's mother-in-law got up and served as soon as Jesus had healed her. How does her example of service challenge you? Is there a particular circumstance in which you will choose to have a servant's heart?

Life Mission

If you're a Christian, you have almost the same life mission as Jesus - telling people about God and calling them to repent and believe the gospel so that they can be right with Him. How are you going to fulfill that mission today?



We hope this study plan has given you a glimpse of Jesus away from the crowds and has challenged you to be godly in private as well as in public like Jesus.


Please take a brief moment to provide us some feedback on this lesson. We're always striving to improve, and, with your help, we will.

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