Why It’s Worth Losing Everything to Win Christ

The world was shocked in 1925 by the announcement that Olympic gold medalist Eric Liddell was leaving his dazzling career as an athlete to serve as a missionary in China.

Liddell had been born in China to missionary parents. His youth, however, had been spent in Scotland and London where his athletic talent and speed had been developed.

Despite his unique running style, Liddell had an almost unbroken record of victories at track events around the British Isles.

Then, in 1924, Liddell won gold at the Paris Olympics. Already popular, he became something of a celebrity.

But there was something more important to Liddell than a gold medal, or an olive wreath crown. He had his eyes set on a far greater prize that lasts for eternity.

He had been speaking at Christian events for some time when the Lord began to direct him to China.
Leaving a promising future in athletics, Liddell went to serve and share the gospel in China.

He served there faithfully until a brain tumor ended his earthly race. He died in a World War II Japanese internment camp where he had become greatly beloved for his service and kindness.

Eric Liddell was willing to lose the acclaim and success this world offered to win a far greater and more lasting crown.

Study Philippians 3:7-11 to learn more about what makes a person willing to give up everything to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

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