The Kind of Person God Honors

Two centuries ago a group of European pastors came to speak at a conference organized by the famous evangelist D. L. Moody. The night of their arrival they all put their boots outside of their doors, as was the custom in Europe at that time, expecting that the hall staff would polish them overnight. The only problem was there was no hall staff in the United States.

As Moody was checking that everything was settled for the night, he noticed all the shoes. Determined not to embarrass these men, he mentioned the problem to some of the students. None of them showed interest in the project, so Moody gathered up all the shoes himself and took them to his room.

Alone in his room that night, Moody set to polishing each pair of shoes. Only the unexpected arrival of a friend revealed the secret.

When we learn of stories like these, we instantly recognize that it takes a great man to be willing to serve without recognition. In Philippians 2:25-30 God tells us about a man like that named Epaphroditus whom God called out for special honor.

Study today’s passage to learn more about the kind of people God honors and how to be one of them.

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