Good Works Can’t Get You to Heaven

Darren was pushing his cart into the checkout lane at his local grocery when a police officer interrupted him.

“You’re under arrest.”

Darren was stunned and demanded, “What did I do?”

The officer was calm but firm in his response. “You know. You escaped from the penitentiary several years ago and went west. After you got married, you came back to live here.”

Dejected, Darren nodded. “May we stop by my house to talk to my family on the way?” he asked.

At home, Darren told the officer about what a kind husband and good father he was and asked his wife to confirm it.

He expected his new record as a good family man would cancel out his past criminal record. But he was still an escaped criminal.

Each of us has broken God’s law. No matter how many good things we do, we cannot undo our past record of sin which deserves death as its sentence.

Only trusting in Jesus Christ who died in our place can make us right with God.

Learn more about why good works can’t save us and how to worship God rightly in this study of Philippians 3:1-6.

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