The Unity and Humility of Christians

The London newspapers were sizzling with the news of a public conflict between its two greatest preachers. Charles Spurgeon and Joseph Parker each pastored a church in that city which drew thousands each Sunday.

Spurgeon had recently founded a boys’ orphanage which was his special delight. He took it personally when someone misreported that Parker had criticized the orphanage.

Spurgeon let his temper flare and blasted Parker from the pulpit the following Sunday. When asked for a reply, Parker said he would give it the next Sunday.

This promised reply drew an expectant crowd even larger than usual.

When Parker got up to speak he said, “Brother Spurgeon is sick today and cannot preach. This is the day when he takes up an offering for his orphans. May I suggest that we take up that offering for him in our church, for he’s doing a great work, and I know all of us would like to have a part in it.”

The offering was so large the ushers had to empty the offering plates three times to receive the gifts.

Tuesday morning Spurgeon knocked on Parker’s study door. He threw his arms around him and said, “You have more of the spirit of Jesus Christ than any man I know. You know, Parker, you have practiced grace on me. You have given me not what I deserved, you have given me what I needed.”

Learn more about this Christ-like humility that puts others before self and brings unity between God’s people in Philippians 2:1-4.

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