Rejoicing in Spreading the Gospel

In 1955, five men went into hostile territory to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the Auca people of Ecuador. They understood that they were risking their lives, but taking the gospel to those who had never heard it was more important to them than life. All five men were killed beside the river shortly after meeting their first Aucas. Perhaps it seems wasteful – five young lives sacrificed.

One of the men, Jim Elliot, had written earlier that “he is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” The subsequent story proves Jim right.

Jim’s wife and the sister of another of the men lived with the Aucas shortly after this and saw many of them come to know the Lord Jesus. The son of one of the men went and worked among the Aucas for a time. Because five men were willing to give their lives to open doors for the gospel, a whole people group heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.

But the story doesn’t stop there.

People around the world heard that moving story of five young men killed on a beach – risking everything to tell people about their Savior. That story inspired hundreds, if not thousands, of people to offer themselves to take the gospel to every people – whatever the cost.

Before eternity, there is no way to figure how many souls have been saved as a result of the martyrdom of those five men who loved the gospel and the Savior.

Just as people were stirred to follow the courageous example of these men who were willing to give everything to preach the gospel, so when Paul was in prison for preaching the gospel it stirred up other Christians to boldly proclaim it without fear.

As you study Philippians 1:12-18, learn more about this gospel that Paul and those five men loved so much and why they rejoiced when it was spread no matter what it cost them.

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