A Christian’s Perspective on Life and Death

On March 12, missionary William Carey was called from his classroom to receive a devastating message. That morning, Joshua Marshman, one of his closest colleagues, broke the news to him – the print shop had burned down.

Twelve years of work went up in flames – Bibles, dictionaries, and other works which were in the process of being written along with specialty type faces and thousands of reams of paper. It was a devastating loss. He had been in India for nineteen years learning the languages, preaching the gospel, and translating the Bible.

Carey surveyed the damage with tears, and then said that they would rebuild. With God’s help he was confident that nothing of value would be undone, but that the Lord would continue His work.

This determination to trust God, rebuild, and move forward surprised many of the people who lived around them. Then, as funds came in from England and other places to reestablish the work, those watching the progress were amazed.

Carey’s attitude of trusting the Lord in times of blessing and sorrow and His confidence that the Lord would rebuild His work showed many people that Carey’s God was powerful.

The apostle Paul also trusted God – in life and death – and lived in a way so that the Lord Jesus would seem big to the people around him. Learn more about this perspective in Philippians 1:19-26.

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