Living in Anticipation of Christ’s Return

Living in Anticipation of Christ’s Return

Sheila was so excited she could hardly wait. Daddy had promised to take her and her brother Jack to ice cream over his lunch break. It was a special fifth birthday treat she had been anticipating all week.

Now Mom had said Daddy could be home at any moment. It seemed Sheila couldn’t walk anywhere – she could only skip.

She was being extra kind to Jack, too. When she heard him say he couldn’t find the shirt with the baseballs on it that he’d wanted to wear, she ran to help him find it so he’d be ready when Daddy got there.

Not only that, she kept humming her favorite song, and set the table for lunch extra carefully. When lunch time came, even though her mom made mac and cheese – her favorite – Sheila didn’t eat as much as usual “because I want to save room for ice cream.”

Christians have a similar anticipation. They know that Jesus Christ could return at any moment, and they look forward to it by living to please Him. Study Philippians 4:1-5 to see how Christian live in anticipation of Christ’s return.

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