Finding God’s Peace

Finding God’s Peace

During one of the European wars, an experienced train engineer was dispatched with urgent messages for the front lines.

To deliver those messages in time, he had to drive his train at more than sixty miles per hour over treacherous terrain.

The few passengers feared for their lives, often crying out in terror as the train rolled from side to side and jumped over bumps.

Only one remained strangely calm, laughing through the bends and passes. She had a peace the others couldn’t understand.

Finally, one of the other passengers asked the little girl why she was not afraid.

“Why, Daddy is the engineer,” was her simple reply.

Christians who understand and live Philippians 4:6-9 have a similar peace through the storms of life. Though the world can’t understand it, those who have it know it comes from trusting their heavenly Father. Study the passage to understand how to have God’s peace in your life.

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