Reaching for the Prize

Reaching for the Prize

A man was running the final stretch of a marathon. His friend, who was driving beside him, could see that he was flagging and asked how he was feeling about getting so close to the finish line.

“Pretty good, I ran the first third in record time.”

“But that won’t get you to the finish line.”

“True. I fell and sprained my ankle in the middle and had to limp along for a while.”

“But that won’t keep you from the finish line. The organizer promised a prize to anyone who finishes the race.”

“Then I will have to forget what I’ve already done and been through and focus on the prize.”

With that the runner’s eye brightened and his step grew firmer as he set his jaw resolutely – and finished the race.

Study Philippians 3:12-16 to learn how a Christian¬† forgets what’s in the past and reaches for the prize.

Open the Inductive Bible Study app and join us in the interactive study of Philippians 3:12-16 titled “Reaching for the Prize.”

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