Picking a Good Example

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As Bruce was growing up, his father would point out good men for him to watch. He particularly remembers that each Sunday when the ushers would walk up the aisles for the offering, his father would nudge him and silently point to one of the men as someone to pay attention to.

That man was Frank Loesch, a Chicago businessman. He didn’t look imposing, but he had stood up to Al Capone, the notorious gangster, and won.

Loesch had organized the Chicago Crime Commission out of a group of citizens determined to step in where law enforcement and even the FBI were afraid to tread. The main aim of this group was to sue Capone so that he would stop terrorizing the city.

During the months that the Commission was preparing for this mission, Loesch’s life was in danger constantly. Not only was he under threats, but his family and friends were threatened. Despite all of this, he never wavered.

With firm resolve he carried on to protect hundreds and stand for justice. In the end, the Commission won the case against Capone and freed Chicago of his terror and tyranny.

All of this was because of Loesch’s active Christian faith which he believed should be part of every day of his life.

In Philippians 3:17-19 we see that we should find good examples like Loesch to watch and follow. Study the passage to learn more about these good examples and about the bad examples to avoid.

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