Without Wax: The Sincere Christian Life

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If you had ordered a marble bust of your favorite hero in ancient Greece, you would have taken it outside before paying for it. Why? In those days some sculptors used clear wax to repair flaws in their craftsmanship.

Rather than making a new piece if he accidentally chipped off the ear lobe, a dishonest craftsmen would use wax to stick it back on. Indoors, this wax was invisible until it melted. So, you would take the bust out into the sunlight to inspect it carefully for any imperfections.

When you were satisfied that it was sincere, or without wax, you would pay with confidence that you had a piece that was genuine.

In Philippians 1:9-11, Paul prays that the Christians in Philippi would be sincere. That they would be so genuinely like Christ people could inspect them closely and find nothing fake. Learn more in today’s study about the Christian life that brings glory to God and stands up to inspection

Open the Inductive Bible Study app and join us in the interactive study of Philippians 1:9-11 titled “Without Wax: The Sincere Christian Life.

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