How God’s Peace and Faithfulness Impact the Christian’s Life

How God’s Peace and Faithfulness Impact the Christian’s Life

Charles Simeon was a man who wouldn’t give up.

In 1783, he was made pastor of a prominent church in England. Some of the wealthy members of the congregation opposed his desire to reach the world with the gospel.

This was in the era when many denominations required that people rent pews. Disgusted with Simeon’s desire to preach the gospel, many of the members locked their pew boxes so no one could borrow their seats and refused to attend services. When he tried to put benches in the aisles, the church wardens wouldn’t hear of it.

This created an awkward situation – the seats were empty, but those who attended were required to sit or stand in the aisles.

Despite the opposition, Simeon continued to preach the gospel. And the church grew.

Because of his faithfulness, he trained hundreds of faithful gospel witnesses.

This is a little picture of God’s faithfulness in a Christian’s life. As 1 Thessalonians 5:23-28 says, when He begins the work of salvation, He is going to finish it. Are you locking your heart against Him, or are you working with Him as He makes you more like the Lord Jesus? Study this passage to understand how God’s character impacts the Christian’s life.

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