How Christians Relate to the People Around Them

How Christians Relate to the People Around Them

A boy on crutches hurried through the busy station to catch his train. He had a generous basket of fruit and candy his grandmother was sending back for him and his little sister.

As other passengers hurried by, one bumped the basket. He hurried right by as soon as he had finished scolding the boy for being in his way, ignoring the fruit rolling across the floor.

Another passenger saw what had happened, and quickly began to pick up the fruit. As he replaced it in the basket, he gave the boy a silver dollar with a kind word.

He hadn’t gotten far when he realized the boy was addressing him. “Sir, are you Jesus?”

“No, I’m only one of His followers.”

Could someone mistake you for Jesus by your actions? Learn what 1 Thessalonians 5:11-15 says about how Christians relate to the people around them.

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