Do You Know God’s Will for Your Life?

Do You Know God’s Will for Your Life?

The top general of the world’s most powerful army contracted leprosy – a deadly and infectious disease. Leprosy separated Naaman from friends and family and made him an outcast despite his high standing in society.

One day a little servant girl he had taken in his extensive conquests said she wished he would visit the prophet of God in her homeland, Israel. If he would go, she was sure, he would be healed by the man of God, Elisha. With his king’s blessing, Naaman went to Israel. He took a letter from his Syrian king to the Israelite King. In the letter Syria’s king asked Israel’s king to heal Naaman.

Understandably, Israel’s king was surprised, confused, and enraged. He thought it was a ploy to find a reason to make battle between the countries. Sadly, he hated the Lord God and did not even think of His prophet.

Word got back to Elisha who quickly sent a message to the king of Israel. ‘Send Naaman to me and he will know that there is a prophet of God in Israel.’

Naaman traveled to Elisha’s house with anticipation. He would see a powerful prophet perform an amazing miracle – he couldn’t wait. When he arrived, Elisha sent his servant out to give Naaman this message. ‘Go wash seven times in the Jordan river and you will be healed.’

Furious, Naaman stormed back toward Syria. The man of God hadn’t even come out of his house. And dip seven times in a dirty river? Syria had better rivers.

One of Naaman’s servants asked, ‘If the prophet had told you to do some hard thing wouldn’t you have done it? Shouldn’t you do this simple thing he commanded?’

Wisdom prevailed, and Naaman went to the Jordan. When he came up out of the water the seventh time, he was completely healed – his skin was like a little child’s.

Have you ever felt that way about something God has told you to do? If He would give you something bigger, more impressive to do you would do it.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-19 gives us four small commands and tells us giving thanks is God’s will. Whether these commands seem simple or hard as you study this passage, stop and think about them like Naaman’s servant urged him to stop and think about God’s command so many years ago. If you’ll obey God’s clear will – big or small – you’ll find His blessings just as Naaman did.

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