The Difference Between Christians and Unbelievers

The Difference Between Christians and Unbelievers

Two centuries ago, the famous European artist Paul Gustave Dore got to a border crossing only to realize he had lost his official papers. After a moment of consternation, he realized his name was almost universally recognized and should get him through.

Accordingly, he told the border official his name. Instead of recognition, the guard’s face registered disinterest as he told Dore that he would be surprised how many people claimed to be famous persons hoping to get through.

Dore, however, continued to maintain that he was indeed the artist by that name.

The guard finally conceded that he would give Dore a test. If he passed, he would be allowed to go through.

With that, he gave Dore a pencil and a sheet of paper and instructed him to sketch the peasants standing a little way down the road.

Dore’s skill and speed completely convinced the guard who promptly let him through.

In a little way, this is a picture of a Christian. They look just like everyone else and have the same past. But their identity is different. They are children of light appointed to salvation. Their life demonstrates the difference. Study this identity difference in 1 Thessalonians 5:5-10.

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